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I'm a Certified Health Coach for highly sensitive peri/menopausal women, with advanced training in reducing inflammation and improving gut health. I clear up and sort out the nuts and bolts of an anti-inflammatory lifestyle, so you don't have to, and hand it to you in quick and easy ways you will love.
I am a mom of three living in Southern Texas.  I enjoy reading, gardening and anything that has to do with food!
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The Easy Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle Blog for Highly Sensitive Women Over Forty

As a Certified Health Coach for highly sensitive peri/menopausal women, with advanced training in reducing inflammation and improving gut health, I clear up and sort out the nuts and bolts of an anti-inflammatory lifestyle, so you don't have to, and hand it to you in quick and easy ways you will love. 
Being healthy makes every part of life better.

Stop eating inflammatory foods and eat anti inflammatory foods with the pdf
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Anti Inflammatory Diet Food List PDF

Reading Time: 6 minutes Anti Inflammatory Diet Food List PDF Get Your Hands on This Exclusive Anti-Inflammatory Diet Food List PDF and Start Feeling Better Today Are you tired of feeling bloated, sluggish, and just plain unwell? I know I feel crappy when I eat inflammatory food. Indulging in office birthday cake, for example, is sure to send me […]

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Detox massage tips with essential oils

Reading Time: 6 minutes Detox Massage & Detox Tips I have experienced firsthand how my super senses pick up on many environmental toxins. Just walking down the scented laundry detergent aisle in the grocery store reminds me of how pervasive chemicals are in this world. It amazes me how others can’t smell the chemicals off-gassing from the clothes they […]

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Bone broth benefits for hair, skin and gut

Reading Time: 5 minutes Bone Broth Benefits for Hair, Skin & Gut Beauty from the Inside Out: The Healing Properties of Bone Broth for Your Body I have bone broth every day (often in its easy-to-use protein powder form) to keep my hair, skin and gut integrity beautiful. You can’t purchase real, natural beauty at the store – shiny […]

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highly sensitive woman

Reading Time: 7 minutes Traits of Highly Sensitive Person Leads to Peri/Menopause Drama I’m a highly sensitive person (HSP), like 20% of the human population. The instability of perimenopause and menopause can be particularly hard on us loving, creative and beautiful souls of high sensitivity. Out-of-wack hormones and the fun of night sweats make any woman cringe, but if […]

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Lotus flower for self love and mantras

Reading Time: 8 minutes You need these mantras for self love.  I love me a good mantra. It can quickly snap me out of a funk or travel with me on one of life’s journies to keep me motivated. And did you know mantras can rewire your brain to aid you in getting the results you want?  Self-love is […]

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A woman holds her throat which needs treatment.

Reading Time: 6 minutes Acid Reflux: How to treat naturally (finally).  When my gut wasn’t healthy, I could feel that burning sensation in my throat, like something was stuck there, late at night or after a heavy meal. Antacids could make it feel better for me. But I knew that only worsened the condition, causing it to happen more […]

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overweight person grabbing belly fat

Reading Time: 6 minutes Which foods cause belly fat? Rising rates of obesity and inflammation-related disorders are rapidly gaining prevalence in modern society. These factors influence, and are influenced by, the health of the gut. But I can help you with weight management by supporting the health of your gut and showing you what to avoid and what to […]

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Low inflammation long fermented sourdough bread

Reading Time: 8 minutes Are Low Inflammation Grains Real?  I am sure you have heard me talk about my struggles with digestion after a stressful event in my life. For years I had been eating the Weston A. Price diet, where grains are “properly prepared,” as they call it. But I fell from this when time was short and […]

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strengthening vagus nerve heals

Reading Time: 7 minutes Vagus Nerve Strengthening Heals and 5 WAYS TO STRENGTHEN YOUR VAGUS NERVE Vegas has slot machines and all-you-can-eat buffets, but your vagus nerve is better for (and essential to) your digestion, gut health, metabolism and brain function. And when your vagus nerve is strong, you’ll feel as if you’ve won a million bucks.  Recently I […]

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Inflammation warning

Reading Time: 9 minutes Diets that reduce inflammation Laying in bed at night wondering why you feel so old when you really aren’t? Got achy joints, tension, low energy, unexpected weight gain and many minor, nagging concerns? Or is it digestive distress, insulin resistance, or inflammatory menopause? Either way, it is past time just to treat your symptoms. Diets […]

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As a Certified Health Coach, I deliver clever solutions to reduce inflammation and heal.  I guide you to discover the foods and lifestyle changes that improve your health and life.

I have completed advanced training in reducing inflammation and healing the gut. 


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