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Be free in the kitchen and healthier than ever.

You are in a hurry but want to
feed your family a healthy meal.  But how can you accomplish this?  The solution is
Shortcut Real Food: 20 minute-meals.  

Sure, You Could Worry About What You Are Going to Cook.

It's meal time, again.   The mental gymnastics begin.  What are we going to eat?  Of course, you want it to be healthy.  Will the kids eat it?  Should I serve that same chicken again and listen to the groans?  You know how to cook, or not, and you know cooking at home is the way to get the healthiest meals, but you are tired of thinking about it.

If you're anything like me, you need help to take your supermom power to the next level. You want someone to tell you what to do.


You Could Think Healthy Whole Foods Takes Too Long To Prepare.

Didn't you recently finish cleaning up after the last meal?  Have you begun to resent your time in the kitchen, remembering how you used to enjoy it?  If I had all the time in the world, I would spend it cooking elaborate meals in the kitchen all day.  But that is not the reality of my life and I don't want to use drive-thru food as a go-to.

So what if you don't have to? What if you had a fantastic solution that took care of all this? What if it was super easy and your family thanked you for it?


SHORTCUT REAL FOOD: 20-minute meals

I scoured the grocery store shelves to find all the healthy pre-prepped food and carried out the hard work of creating them into delicious, family-friendly meals.  You can walk in the door and know dinner is ready in 20 minutes. 

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Tested recipes
(Tested on acutal kids)

I have done the legwork: the nutrition research, the planning, the testing, and the timing of each recipe.

Simple ingredients and prep

I have created shortcut cooking methods to achieve faster results.

see the results

I revolutionized mealtime (and snack time) for my family.  I enjoy being back in the kitchen, and so can you.

“I was so excited to receive this cookbook! Our weeknights are busy, so I’m grateful to have healthy recipes that can be made quickly and are tasty too!  Made the spicy southwest swirls for a family event, and they were gone in minutes!

— Sarah and steve,
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— J.r.
Happy cookbook owner

Helps takes the stress out of meal planning and long cook times.   These recipes are legit, easy to follow, and healthier than the drive-through, all without spending hours in the kitchen!

I like that the cookbook covers breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts, AND beverages. Lots of tips on how to cut corners and use healthy convenience food. Cooking doesn't have to take hours!



See the incredible recipes awaiting you.

Watch the slide show here to take a peek inside Shortcut Real Food: 20-minute meals. 

Omegaful Bagel Breakfast
Fast Oatmeal Packages
Egg in a Basket
Frambled Eggs Breakfast
Pan-cake Breakfast
Ancient Grains Breakfast
Crispy Frittata
Retreat Protein Bars
Banana Roll-ups
Easy Biscuits
Beautiful Yogurt Parfait
Apple Bowls
Spicy Southwest Swirls
No-fuss Grape Popsicles
Berry Mint Cottage Cheese
Sweet Apple Sandwiches
Salad To-Go Lunch
Lunch Protein Stacks
Lentil Sandwiches Lunch
Pesto Chicken Salad Lunch
Grilled Cheese and Apple Lunch
Salmon, Kale and Cranberry Salad

Bean & Cheese Bowls Lunch
Cheese & Egg Board Lunch
Grilled PB&J Lunch
Speedy Avocado Lunch
"Kids' Love it" Stir Fry Dinner
Make Your Own Nachos Dinner
Mom's Chicken Noodle Soup Dinner
Chili & Polenta Dinner
Cheesy Quesadilla Dinner
"More Please" Spaghetti Dinner
Hearty Beef Stew Dinner
Steak for One Dinner
"I Vote for Tacos" Dinner
Tuna Noodle Dinner
Texas Casserole Dinner
Local Sausage Dinner
Pizza Night Dinner

Cod with Quinoa Dinner
Asian Lettuce Wrap Dinner
My Chai Latte
Vanilla Protein Latte
Southern Hibiscus Sun Tea
Pink Smoothie
Chocolate Milk - Two Ways
It's a Meal Smoothie
Berry Fruit Crisp
Chocolate Protein Mousse
Blender Strawberry Ice Cream
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Bake
Cooked Autumn Fruit
In a Flash Mug Cake


You’re Busy and Want Some Help.

It's a hectic, go-go world.  We all need a helping hand.  You can give yourself a break and choose superior nutrition and more leisurely meals.  

Don't you just wish that someone would GET it? Someone would do what you'd do yourself if you had the time? Well.... great news.

With this cookbook:

You Will:

+ get healthy, quick recipes

+ make every recipe in 20 minutes Or less

+ save time for other things You love

+ enojy family friendly meals

want something like that?

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