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Learn to Stop Overeating

Finally, stop overindulging and lose weight by decoding your cravings and learning the 3 secrets of mindful eating.  

* Find out why you are craving those unhealthy foods and what to do about it.  Learn tips for what to do in the moment and how to head off cravings before they even start.

*How often do you find yourself finishing what is on your plate (or out of the bag when you are eating straight from that) without being sure what you ate?

*How often do you eat under stress and consume way more calories and junk than you intended?

*Find out they keys of eating mindfully. You'll learn exactly what to do before, during and after a meal to keep you focused and in control of what goes in your mouth each time you eat.

Eating mindfully has changed my entire relationship with food. Now I eat less and enjoy my food much more than I did previously.

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