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Self-Care Ideas for Women?  Who has time?  I am a doer, like most women, who finds it easy to forget about just being—being happy, being content, being calm. I do, and I take action. Which is great, but at times it feels as if I am only the sum of my to-do list, especially during the holidays.


I say I want self-care, to be soaking in a steamy bath of sea salt and lavender while the world melts away. Or to go on a walk at the park out in nature. But my actions tell the truth about what I prioritize: worrying about getting one more task done, answering that last email, planning an event everyone will be impressed by, and attending to every one of my kids’ needs. You know the drill. Everyone else’s needs come first.

You say you will sit down, but then the phone rings, and then you remember you were supposed to call your mom, then your kid texts that he forgot his homework and needs you to bring it to school. On and on. You know you need to stop, but you just can’t seem to. Also, you are not getting any younger. You need more body and mind maintenance, not less. Self-care ideas are too far down the list for you.

Why Self-Care for Women

If you do, on the rare occasion, take a break and get your nails done, have a massage, or calmly sit without moving and just stare at the wall, you justify it because women have been told the main reason to practice self-care is so you can better care for others. While this is valid, the logic is flawed, incomplete.

You need to practice self-care because you are a valuable, worthy, and important person. This is the only reason you need. 

Snuggle in for a cuppa wise sharing and advice about great self-care ideas for women that your dear friend would tweet you about if she could. Heave a sigh of relief. There is a way out of feeling overwhelmed.

5 Self-Care Ideas for Women

These 5 self-care techniques will gently calm your mind, body, and spirit, all taxed during your busy life.

1. Self-care Ideas for More Sleep

Confession, maybe TMI, I love to spoon at night. The soothing comfort of snuggling and hugs brings me instant relaxation. When I don’t get a nice spooning in, I’ve found that a weighted blanket does the trick. Manufacturers list suggested weight sizes based on your body weight.

I ordered a blanket based on a 12-15 lb recommendation, and I felt trapped under its heft. But there was so much hype about how great weighted blankets are for relaxation that I gave it another go. This last Black Friday, I ordered a child’s 5-pound blanket for 20 bucks. (See resources section.) This blanket was the answer for me! It was just enough weight and size without being overwhelming.

Also, I have been using lavender essential oil for over a decade to help calm and relax me during restless nights. A couple of drops of oil in your bath or on your pillow helps your muscles relax and tension to ease. Essential oils are likely at your local grocery store. But, I have been using essential oils from Young Living since I moved to Texas 12 years ago. Back then, I found essential oils (especially “Purification”) helpful for calming mosquito bites when we moved to the country, and I have been an essential oil fan ever since. Purchase at myyl.com/christie-kelemen.com.

Getting enough sleep is one of the easiest ways to improve your mood and energy levels. And getting yourself to bed on time and creating a relaxing setting is a big self-care act you can do for yourself every day.

2. Emotional Self-Care 

a women relaxing in nature

As a woman who does too much, you likely, as I do, invest emotionally in others’ outcomes. If your child does poorly on a test or loses a friend, you feel this pain as much as they do. This empathetic connection is a beautiful part of motherhood, but it can be overwhelming. You cannot carry everyone else burdens.

You do no one any good when you are over-emotional and stuck in over-empathy. Spend some time feeling their pain and then decide to move on. Distract yourself if you need; go on a walk, call a friend or take time for a few slow deep breaths.

3. Check Off the Basics

Yep, eat healthily and exercise. The basics are crucial to your well-being. To remind yourself of what, why, and how you should be meeting these basics, check out these posts:

Do You Know the Healthiest Diet for You?

What Should I Eat to be Healthy? Confused?

No self-care routine is complete or as effective if you ignore these basics.

4. Let Go of Expectations

Do you create self-imposed unrealistic expectations for yourself? (Hint: the answer is “yes”.)

You frequently carry multiple hats and give to others at the expense of yourself. You can be perfectionistic and create self-imposed stress by having high expectations for yourself.

Give yourself a frickin’ break. Go on that weeklong spa vacation you’ve been dreaming of for 20 years (I am saying to myself) or take a day or two off work. You’ll feel better. And you’ll also be able to focus more clearly on what matters most.

5. Self-Care Ideas for the Holidays

Holidays are fun. Did you forget?

Remember what you most loved about the holidays as a child: Family or friend get-togethers, counting the presents under the tree, or driving around looking at the holiday lights. Do that and worry less about checking your (to-do) list twice.


I am a doer, like most women, who finds it easy to forget about just being—being happy, being content, being calm. Everyone else’s needs come first. You and I need to practice self-care because we are valuable, worthy, and important people; no other reason needed.

There is a way out of feeling overwhelmed. These 5 self-care techniques gently calm your mind, body, and spirit; all taxed during the holiday frenzy. Weighted blankets and lavender for sleep, curtailing over-empathy, eating healthy and exercising, letting go of expectations, and remembering holidays are fun.  

Go and enjoy “your one wild and precious life”! (quote by Mary Oliver)


This blog post is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to treat any health condition or to be prescriptive for anyone. Always be sure to work with your healthcare practitioner before making any changes.


1) Topcee Weighted Blanket for Kids on Amazon



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