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Eternal youth isn't found in processed food and couch surfing, but you knew that.  In 21-days create a personalized daily self-care plan to achieve your optimal heath.  Learn the secrets of how to obtain and maintain the vibrant health you deserve. Deepen your understanding of how your body gets out of balance and the science of why gut health can become compromised, the effects this can have on your body and how to strengthen your microbiome and reduce your body's inflammation.

Do you suffer from achy joints? Digestive problems? How about being a bit -- or a lot -- overweight? Or do you have insulin resistance, hot flashes or brain fog?

Just wish you could feel 10 years younger?

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21-Day: My Body
in Balance Challenge

Finally make progress on your lingering health issues from the hidden inflammation that is emerging as the root of modern chronic disease with proven diet and lifestyle strategies.  Many modern ailments are compounded and worsened by inflammation, which used to be considered a *consequence* of disease, but is now seen increasingly as a *cause* of these widespread, modern-age diseases.  Understand your risks for modern-day illnesses and how to minimize them.  Increase your energy and create a life you love that is not only long, but lived well. Unlock hidden inflammation with the goal of healing your body.
I am your enthusiastic cheerleader, amidst all the bumps and health challenges life can bring.

Ready for your life to change?

the course

If these sound familiar you are in the right place.

If these sound familiar you are in the right place. 


You're unclear about what inflammation really is and how it is effecting your health and life, but you know something doesn't feel right anymore.  


You want to know more about what disease prevention will look like in the coming years to stay ahead of the game and be healthy as you age.


You want evidence-based healthy nutrition and lifestyle suggestions accompanied by practical tips, ready to implement in your daily life.


You want to stop feeling like you need to head down and push through your health challenges or do endless research.  It's just so hard! 

but guess what...

I too once experienced the same thing.

I won't drag on too long because this is about you. But I want to share a little about my journey so you no longer feel alone. 
A few years ago I developed digestive distress simply from stress.  But, I healed my heart, mind and body with an anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle.  You can find this healing too by signing up and taking action.

this course is the epiphany that i had and The realization i came to about what health really is.

In this 21-day challenge, you will go from feeling lost about hidden inflammation, improving your health and frustration with the dieting roller-coaster to feeling in control and empowered while cleaning up your diet and developing the skills and habits of a slim anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

MY body in balance


The factors around what we eat - our environment, our state, and our eating practices - significantly impact how our bodies react and cause inflammation.   Learn the exact steps you need to be kind to your body and give it what it needs to heal and cool down. I'll shine a spotlight on a root cause for a lot of disease.

We know that what we eat matters to our weight and health.  But the information we read is often contradictory and confusing. In this section of the course, you will learn about how diet and lifestyle influence the microbiome in our gut and how that in turn effects what health issues we experience. With up-to-date information and clear descriptions. 

Here's What You'll Learn

Inflammation's Secrets

The Important Gut



You have invested in other healthy living choices, but never seem to be able to put it together in one cohesive system the creates visible, healing, cooling results.  You'll get help from me to make the shift you really desire with actionable information and a comprehensive  lifestyle strategy.

Solutions, Finally


Put yourself back together with key anti-inflammatory nutrition and lifestyle habits.  This section is the nitty-gritty of what excellent nutrition and a calming, healing anti-inflammatory lifestyle can do for you.  And, how to maintain it for longevity and joy.

Cool Down Skills



Everything you need to know about the gut and how it affects inflammation and disease.

How does this sound?

Change the way you look at your health, diet and lifestyle to draw connections between your health issues stemming from this condition. 



I'll teach you:

Gain insights on how you can live a better, less inflammatory life and how you'll benefit from that.


Learn all you need to make these shifts in 15 minute short lessons each day, plus bonus printable take-aways.


Be amazed how much control you have over your life and health through your mindful choices.


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Inside your
My Body in Balance Challenge you'll get:

21 Daily Lessons
 Every day you'll get a new easy-to-follow audio lesson from me to learn how to identify and cool down your body's inflammation and develop an enjoyable anti-inflammatory lifestyle.  Each lesson takes about 15 minutes to listen to and builds on the previous ones to help you master your new life skills.

First This

Deep Dive
You be asked high-mileage questions to personalize your journey and deep dive into solutions.  And, with each lesson you get simple actionable steps to implement right now.

Then This

You get printable sheets and key summary points to remember and post where you can see them.

Finally, This

When you join the 21-Day: My Body in Balance Challenge you'll get science- based information and strategies I have used for years to get your body in a balanced alignment, feeling good and creating a life of health and freedom.  All it takes is 15 minutes per day to start cooling down your body's inflammation and feeling better than you have in years!  You'll get the support you need to begin a brand-new phase of life with methods that will serve you for a lifetime.

You're stronger than you think you are. But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your super power to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what works.  

let me be your anti-inflammation lifestyle coach

Experience a deep dive into the far reaches of inflammation.

Gain a holistic understanding of the connections between your immune system, diet and body in a practical and relatable way. 

 Skip the condescending lectures and come to your own conclusions for your life and body.

Notice underlying symptoms and rethink how to live a healthier lifestyle.

Affect your overall physical and emotional well being; both in the immediate and the long term.

Learn in just 15 minutes per day.

By the end of this, you will...

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I'm Christie, your new friend with clever solutions

As a Certified Health Coach for women over 40, with advanced training in reducing inflammation and improving gut health, I clear up and sort out the nuts and bolts of an anti-inflammatory lifestyle, so you don't have to, and hand it to you in quick and easy ways you will love. 

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